One of the best things about being an author is getting emails from my readers.

The totally best thing however, is when they send me photos of their horses.

It reminds me of how special the bond between a girl and a horse can be.


 Destiny's horse, Louy!

 This is Piage's horse, Charisma (nice name!) who she does sporting and jumping with!


This is Kate and her thoroughbred-cross, Connor. He likes to untie his own lead-rope - cheeky!!!



This is Makaela and her horse Ruby, carrying the banner for Goodoowindi!



This is Teddy, who is owned by Tori. He looks just like the real Rocko!!!



This is Ruby, riding Rex!



Maisie and Brandi - hangin out together.


This is Josie, riding her once-in-a-lifetime horse, Rusty, a lovely dressage horse who she rescued.

and Josie again, with her fiesty pony, Indi!



Rexy! That is so funny!



Rexy again, with his special girl, Sophie.



Jessica and Ace - looking very ace!

Josie and Rusty - what a magical moment...

This is Imi's horse Rem, sharing some banana skins with a friend!

Julia and her beautiful boy, Carnival.

Ainslee and her kelpie, Callie, and below is her Australian Stockhorse, Cricket, cute!


Above are Jordyn and her quarter pony mare, Jazzy.


This is Chelsey, riding her friend's horse, Mo, who she tells me is a real character!


Sophie and riding her horse, Banjo on Australia Day (pic taken by her best besty, Kate!)

Anna's beautiful thoroughbred gelding Emmett.


Kimberly ripping up some barrels - she should come and give me and Reo a few tips - That horse is flying!

(photo printed with permission from Kea Photos)

Jess and Floss


Ashley's mum's horse, Turbo!


Tori's new horse, Moose!


Devon on her auntie's horse, Kiri!


Katie riding Bounty!



Catey and Bunyip



Gumby and Jessica!



Holly's new horse Thowra!



Pernod and Rebecca



Rosa's beautiful clydie, Ziggy...



Demi and Jasper



Sophie and her new horse Angel!!



Eden and Bella riding Phantom and Bailey.




Demi and Jasper


Evie, Chillie and friends.

Gabi riding Shieba.



Jessy (who drove 3 hours to meet me - HI JESSY!!!!) and Rocky.

Kiana's pony, Tonto (where is your head Kiana???)

Kirsty and friends

Lauren and Cooper


Narelle on Casey - nice sash!!!

And that's a big HELLOOOO-OO-OO from Renee and Indianna.

Shanley campdrafting in WA.

Danny boy!



If you'd like me to put your horse's pic on this page, please check its okay with your parents first! K xx.

(If you could shrink your photo to 300kb and send it as a jpeg, that'd be great too!)