About this site

In the 70's my parents owned a "hobby farm" at Colo Heights. We used to drive up there most weekends and even lived there for a year. As a child, my older brother and sister took me for walks through the undeveloped bush on the back of our block to a sandy creek surrounded by bush and sandstone caves. Ever since then I've had a love for the Colo country.

When I started working and took up bushwalking in a serious way, the Colo became my favourite walking destination. The Blue Mountains are nice, but many parts are too developed or too popular. The suburban development on the ridges means that much of the water is unfit for drinking, and often when you climb a peak you can see cleared land, houses, or radio towers.

Colo on the other hand, is the forgotten land. Its a place where you can drive to the end of a fire trail and walk for days in unspoiled wilderness, without seeing a soul. Its a place where the water is clean and the sand is white. The spectacular cliffs surrounding the Colo Gorge make bushwalking difficult, but the scenery is truly inspiring.

These pages are my way of sharing my feelings about this special place with other bushwalkers. I hope you find the information here useful, and trust that you will treat the Colo with respect.