Books by Andy Macqueen

Bushwalker and historian Andy Macqueen has self-published five books on the Blue Mountains:

Blue Mountains to Bridgetown : the life and journeys of Barrallier, 1773-1853 (1993) - out of print
Back from the brink : Blue Gum forest and the Grose Wilderness (1997,2007)
Somewhat perilous : the journeys of Singleton, Parr, Howe, Myles and Blaxland in the northern Blue Mountains (2004)
Frederick Robert D'Arcy : colonial surveyor, explorer and artist c1809-1875 (2010)
Wayfaring in Wollemi - stories of people in wilderness (2017)

Andy's latest title, on Wollemi, is perhaps the one closest to my own heart. I independently researched Townsend's railway scheme years ago and helped connect Andy with an ancestor of Townsend who had contacted me as a result of this research. So, although I'm not acknowledged directly, I will have to be content to consider myself one of the "many people..." who contributed in some small way to this great book. :-)

If you're interested in any of these books, you can contact Andy on the email address below, or visit his web site:

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